About Us

The Reading Roadmap is a systems-change model that helps schools restructure and organize to create sustainable improvement in academics for all students. Roadmap schools shift learning from isolated classrooms to a building-wide approach. In this spirit, they develop sophisticated screening and progress monitoring systems and curriculum and intervention protocols to enhance individualized instruction. Since every Roadmap program is tailored for local needs and within the parameters of existing school resources, it’s a recipe for sustainable, long-term success.


Our Mission

The mission of the Reading Roadmap is for every child to enter fourth grade reading proficiently so that they can graduate on-time and achieve their full potential.

Cost Savings

The true innovation of the KRR model is the integration and alignment of the out-of-school interventions with Kansas MTSS. The exercises and targeted practice struggling readers get afterschool and during the summer are informed by Kansas MTSS and their progress is closely monitored. This approach effectively extends the school day at a fraction of the normal cost.

Initial KRR Results

Early results from the Central Heights school district in Franklin County show strong reading growth and a reduction in their percent of struggling readers. As demonstrated by the school’s own tests, the number of children in the lowest category of reading proficiency—Tier 3—was reduced across all grades.




Our Team

Our Partners

  • Kansas Department for Children and Families
  • Kansas State Department of Education
  • Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
  • Kansas Enrichment Network
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • University of Kansas

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