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Creating a pathway to literacy for every child

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Why We Exist

Children are four times more likely to graduate high school on time if they can read at grade level by 4th grade, yet since 1992 there has been no significant increase in national reading scores as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

As a result, our mission is to create a pathway to literacy for every child.

What We Do

The Reading Roadmap is a proven framework that schools can personalize to drive academic achievement in targeted grades.


The Results

In an average school that executes the recommendations with full fidelity, the Reading Roadmap has produced a growth of Tier 1 readers (the highest level of performance) of 11.82%. At the same time, under the same conditions, the Reading Roadmap reduced the number of Tier 3 (the lowest level of performance) by 10.02%.

At one low-income school in which only 50% of K-3 students were reading at grade level, the Reading Roadmap helped to increase that number to 92% after two years.