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Creating a pathway to literacy for every child

We bring phonics-focused, explicit reading intervention into out-of-school programs


Why We Exist

Reading is not an innate ability. In fact, over half of all known languages have no written component.

There is a science to teaching early literacy. Until now, afterschool programs have not had the tools to use that science.

Striving readers that receive science-based interventions both inside and outside-of-school reach grade-level reading faster.

What We Do

The Reading Roadmap program offers easy-to-use PK-4 afterschool intervention curricula that targets the five pillars of early reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

The Reading Roadmap empowers schools and nonprofits by:

  • Keeping afterschool fun, but increasing its impact through science

  • Aligning afterschool and summer programs with school-based RTI and MTSS systems

  • Measuring reading results based on a partner school’s chosen assessment

The Reading Roadmap also provides Professional Development, Monitoring and Evaluation services to support the delivery of structured reading interventions in both in-school and out-of-school environments



The Results


According to independent research, the chance a child reaches grade-level reading goes up by 1.8% every day she attends a Reading Roadmap afterschool program, as measured by school-administered reading assessments.


Who We Serve

We serve all types of readers PK to 4th grade.

With diverse, comprehensive programs geared towards individual needs, the Reading Roadmap helps those at or near grade-level increase fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. At the same time, the Roadmap’s use of phonics-focused strategies support English-language learners, children diagnosed with Dyslexia and those with IEP’s.


The Reading Roadmap uses science-based early literacy interventions in out-of-school environments to impact the future of children.

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