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Reading Roadmap offers two different curriculum options, as well as training on how to utilize them.


Reading Crossroads

Afterschool and summer curriculum

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Get better reading results from afterschool!

Afterschool programs provide kids fun, enriching experiences in a safe place. Additionally, afterschool time can be utilized to support children who struggle to read.

The Crossroads Curriculum by the Reading Roadmap empowers afterschool providers to “upgrade” their existing program to support early reading. Crossroads provides individualized tutoring options that are easy to implement.  

Crossroads includes two separate 30-minute rotations that can serve up to 50 kids each. Afterschool providers can embed one or both rotations within their existing schedule, implementing research-based, school-grade reading interventions instead of generalized enrichment activities.


Family Engagement

Reading Roadmap's Literacy Integrated Family Engagement program, or LIFE, is a powerful research-based family support program that integrates the Science of Reading and the latest research on emotional intelligence to help families build stronger relationships between parent and child, other families, their school, and their larger community. 

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LIFE is an eight-week intensive family engagement program in which parents and children participate in activities that bring families closer together while connecting them to their school community. The LIFE program lasts two hours and includes a meal, child-led playtime, attuned listening, parent-led read aloud, and a parent support group. In each session parents practice the skills they are learning with their children and receive coaching and feedback from the facilitators. LIFE models positive parenting behaviors and facilitates family interactions.

Training, Technical Assistance and Monitoring

Reading Roadmap will work closely with any program utilizing its curriculum to ensure the best possible outcome. Through in-person training, virtual meetings and regular checkups, Reading Roadmap will provide technical support and advice on the use of all its curricula.