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Summer Program


Structured summer programming aligned with school data is essential for closing the literacy gap. In addition to focusing on reading, KRR Summer Programs also engage students in math instruction and enrichment, community service, enrichment activities, fun days and field trips, team building, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).



Many students experience atrophy in their reading skills during the summer break, known as the dreaded "summer slide." On average, students lose two months of reading skills during summer, with low income children being especially at risk for summer slide.

Research demonstrates, however, that summer presents a golden opportunity to help struggling readers. Participants in effective summer tutoring can make great gains on their peers. Longitudinal studies indicate that the effects of summer learning programs endure for at least two years after participation.

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Reading Roadmap summer programs feature structured read-alouds, independent reading, math, STEM, community service projects, and "Fun Fridays."

These interventions are an especially important piece of the Roadmap design, when children who have made great gains in reading proficiency during the school year solidify and compound the progress through an intensive but fun summer program. 

  • Math Instruction and Enrichment

  • Community Service

  • Fun Days and Field Trips

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

  • Team Building