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Creating a pathway to literacy for every child

We bring phonics-based, explicit instruction into out-of-school programs


Why We Exist

Children who can read proficiently by fourth grade are four times more likely to graduate high school on time. Yet, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 65% of US 4th graders are not proficient readers.

The Reading Roadmap increases early reading proficiency. We partner with schools and nonprofits to enhance early reading systems through structured afterschool, summer, and family engagement programs.

What We Do

Each child who struggles to read needs extra help with certain skills, but not others. Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all approach, the Reading Roadmap uses in-school diagnostic data to determine the help for a student and then provides that help after school, during the summer, and in partnership with the student’s family.

Schools can use the Reading Roadmap’s afterschool, summer, and LIFE family engagement program as “extensions” of their reading intervention system.



The Results

School assessments show the difference. After only a few months in Reading Roadmap programs, students’ reading proficiency improves significantly.  As shown below, in schools that meet Reading Roadmap requirements, the number of students considered “Tier 3” (the most struggling readers) decreased by nearly half in just one school year.

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The Reading Roadmap uses science-based early literacy interventions in out-of-school environments to impact the future of children.


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